Know FAQ on Nepal Tour

What does Nepal Tour mean?
Generally visiting and enjoying the carefully selected natural geography and landscapes, cultures and traditions of people, historical sites, religious sites, architectural monuments of Nepal through driving and flights is Nepal tour.

What are the main activities I do during the Nepal tour?
Sightseeing city tours, mountain flights, jungle safaris are the main activities however there is always room for a one-day activity like rafting, cycling, bungee jump, paragliding etc.

What are the major cities for the tour in Nepal? Are they easily accessible?
Kathmandu Bhaktapur and Lalitpur have many historical and religious monuments while Pokhara has the most beautiful natural landscape similarly Lumbini carries the religious significance of Lord Buddha while Chitwan and Bardiya are the impressive spots for Jungle safaris. All these cities are well developed with good infrastructures and are easily accessible by driving or flight.

Is it safe to do Nepal tour?
Yes, all the major cities are safe for foreigners and visitors and we guarantee that for you. Beyond that Nepalese people highly respects and values the foreigners and visitors. A “Namaste”(hello) with a smile is the magical thing to do that works on every stranger in Nepal.

Do I have a tour guide?
Yes, you will always have highly experienced and proficient tour guide to give you the best regional, historical, religious and geographical information during the trip.

What kind of accommodation and food do I get during the tour?
The major cities have different standard of hotels with nice bedrooms so it highly depends upon your budget however we suggest and provide the three-star hotel with bed and breakfast while numerous restaurants serve high-quality food menu most of them including  Continental, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese and of course Nepalese dishes.

Do I need any permits or other documents during my trip?
Yes, you need to pay numerous types of permit and entrance fees but all the entrance fees and permits are included on your cost so even if it is required your tour and sightseeing guide will pay the entire permit and entrance fees.

Can I change the final itinerary during my Nepal Tour?
We strongly suggest you to follow the finalized itinerary since we don’t refund the money once the trip starts however we may help you to change the flight and hotel reservation but cannot be guaranteed.

What equipments and clothes do I need during Nepal tour?
Depending on the weather and the time you choose to visit Nepal you might need various kinds of clothes but most of the time casual and comfortable clothes work. However, we will send you the lists of clothing and gears once the trip is finalized.

Do I need to buy insurance?
Yes, you need to buy the insurance policy that covers the medical and helicopter evacuation.

What is the price of Nepal tours?
We have provided you various options on our website homepage to know approximate price regarding the tour in Nepal; however, there is always room to reach final agreement through private emails if there is any and we assure you there will be no any extra cost once we reach the agreement.

You are always welcome to send us private messages for the information that you could not find in this section regarding Tour in Nepal. We will always provide the accurate information within 12 hours upon receiving your messages.