Our Peak Climbing

Not only adventure seekers but a lot of amateur and fresh climbers choose their main destination as Nepal for mountaineering purpose. Peak Climbing in Nepal is a perfect place to start mountaineering career and to fulfill their mega dream of summiting other high altitude mountains including Everest.

Nepal alone is home to eight highest mountains of the world including Everest (8848m). Needless to say in between are numerous peaks and mountains with different altitudes starting from 5500m. Currently; 310 mountains are open for the mountaineering in Nepal. Of course, the government has a plan to open 104 more new peaks in the imminent future.

Nepal Government regulates Most of the peak climbing and mountaineering activities in Nepal. However, the 27  peaks are under the jurisdiction of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) popularly known as NMA Peaks. These NMA peaks are also often known as trekking peaks in Nepal. These peaks are popular among the trekkers and climbers because of few pieces of equipment and low skill requirements. Moreover, adding-up extra 2 to 3 days on your regular trekking itinerary is enough to spice up your adventure. Relatively cheap, easy access and high popularity make these trekking peaks busy and crowded throughout the high season.

Island peak (6160m), Mera Peak(6654m), Lobuje Peak(6119m) on Everest trekking region, Chulu West(6419m), Chulu East(6584m)  on Annapurna trekking region are few of them to name on the top-list of climbers and trekkers.