Know Cycling FAQ

What is cycling in Nepal is like?
The wide range options of cycling in mountain terrain for weeks to comfortable city area for a day is the main specialty of cycling in Nepal that gives the opportunity for amateurs and highly experienced bikers to enjoy the thrill of cycling.

What is the fitness level required for cycling in Nepal?
Each itinerary is physically demanding depending upon the landscape and region you choose but we design and try to match special itineraries depending upon your skill level, experiences and number of days in your trip.

Do I need to have own bike?
If you have that is fantastic but if you do not have one we provide properly inspected hybrid bikes depending upon your trip type with all accessories required.

Do I need a cycling guide?
Yes, it is always a good idea to have one cycling leader who knows the region and landscape properly for hassle-free biking.

Do I need permits and other documents required for my cycling trips in Nepal?
Yes, you might need different kinds of permits depending upon the region you choose. For example, you might need Annapurna Conservation Area permit (ACAP) fee if you choose the Annapurna region, National park fees for Langtang region or special permit on Mustang region.

What kind of accommodation and food will I get?
In the city area, you will get a nice comfortable hotel with bed and breakfast while in the mountain region you will get tea house accommodation with three meals(Breakfast Lunch and Dinner) included.

What about my luggage?
We transfer your luggage separately and punctually on your destination beforehand your arrival.

Can I change the finalized itinerary during my cycling trip?
We strongly suggest you follow the finalized itinerary since we do not refund the money once the trip starts however we may help to change the hotel and flight reservation but cannot be guaranteed.

What equipment and clothing do I need?
Depending upon the number of days and biking region you may need different kinds of clothing and equipment. We will send you the list of gears through private emails once we finalize the biking region and number of days.

Do I need to buy Insurance?
Yes, you need to buy Travel Insurance, especially that covers medical and helicopter evacuation on mountain regions.

What is the price of biking in Nepal?
We have provided you various options on our website homepage to know approximate price regarding the biking in Nepal; however, there is always room to reach final agreement through private emails if there is any and we assure you there will be no any extra cost once we reach the agreement.

You are always welcome to send us private messages for the information that you could not find in this section regarding cycling in Nepal. We will always provide the accurate information within 12 hours upon receiving your messages.