Know FAQ on Jungle Safari

What is Jungle Safari in Nepal?
Jungle Safari is riding the elephant, driving on the jeep, walking in the forest to enjoy and see wildlife and natural ecosystem along with the cultural tour of the region.

Is it safe with wild animals?
Yes it is. We are concerned with your safety the most and follow the standard way of doing the jungle safari in Nepal.

Where are the Jungle Safari spot in Nepal? Is it easily accessible?
Most of the Jungle safari National parks and wildlife reserves are on the southern part of Nepal where the infrastructures are well developed. Yes, those parks and wildlife reserves are easily accessible with road transportation and flights.

Do I have a jungle safari guide?
Yes, we provide the experienced regional safari guide for your safety and to show you some true and rare species of wild creatures and birds during the safari.

What are the main animals and birds that I can see during the Jungle Safari in Nepal?
This highly depends upon the National park you choose however we find our clients more interested on Royal Bengal Tiger(rarely spotted), one horn rhinoceros, Asian wild elephant, leopards, gharials, crocodiles, swamp francolins, spotted eagle, Bengal francolins, Oriental white black vulture, Slender billed vulture with other numerous endangered species.

Do I need any permits and documents to do Jungle Safari in Nepal?
Yes, you need but all the permits and required fees are included in the cost while booking the jungle safari trips with us.

What kind of accommodation and food do I get?
In the major city like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, Bardiya depending upon itinerary you  will get nice bed and breakfast while during safari you will get a nice bed with three buffet meals (Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.)

Can I change the final itinerary during the jungle safari?
We strongly suggest you to follow the finalized itinerary since we don’t refund the money once the trip starts however we may help you to change the flight and hotel reservation but cannot be guaranteed.

What equipments and clothes do I need during jungle safari in Nepal?
The southern land of Nepal is hot and highly humid during spring while very cold during autumn so we suggest bringing seasonal clothing for jungle safari along with binoculars, flashlight, insect repellent, sunscreen cream but we can send you the list of gears and equipments once the trip is confirmed.

Do I need to buy insurance?
Yes, you need to buy the insurance policy that covers the medical and helicopter evacuation.

What is the price of Jungle safari in Nepal?
We have provided you various options on our website homepage to know approximate price regarding the Jungle safari in Nepal; however, there is always room to reach final agreement through private emails if there is any and we assure you there will be no any extra cost once we reach the agreement.

You are always welcome to send us private messages for the information that you could not find in this section regarding Jungle safari in Nepal. We will always provide the accurate information within 12 hours upon receiving your messages.