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3 Apr 2019 snowpath

Facts and myths of trekking in Nepal, provide true picture of trekking in Nepal. Nepal has high potential to lead the trekking market in the world. However, misconception and lack of proper information among the promising trekkers is killing the number of arrivals. Here we try to summarize all common facts and myths of trekking in Nepal. Especially, these facts are targeted to new trekkers and travelers willing to travel Nepal in future.We hope trekker finds this article helpful to know and understand facts and myths of trekking in Nepal.

When some potential trekker learns about Mount Everest and Nepal, they intantly assume of climbing and expedition of Everest. They really don’t bother of thinking about trekking to base camp. The article on facts and myths of trekking in Nepal, also addresses safety concerns, price, weather, infrastructure in mountain ,concern on age and physical fitness of trekkers.

Myths 1# Trekking and climbing are same in Nepal.
Fact: Trekking in Nepal generally means day to day hiking in familiar trekking path following tea houses and human settlements. Base camp and trekking passes in between 5000m-5500m will be the maximum altitude for trekking. In contrast, Climbing is more related with mountaineering and peak climbing. Especially, above the base camp. Hope, this article facts and myths of trekking in Nepal, clarifies difference between trekking and climbing.

Myths 2# Terrible tea-houses and infrastructures in Mountain of Nepal.
Fact: There are few and countable tea-houses in upper trekking region. Notably around snowline of base camps and high-altitude passes. This is true, the luxury you get in lower trekking region does not match in upper trekking region. However, they are highly prepared during the trekking seasons. Advance food menu, chocolate bars, drinks are instantly available in every tea house, but is expensive.

Myths 3# Booking through trekking agency is always Expensive.
There is fierce competition among the trekking agencies in Nepal. So, booking a trek through trekking agency is not always expensive. Furthermore, negotiations can make the trekking and travel cheap in Nepal. However, Comparing the price and services an agency provides can be challenging for first time travelers. Be extra attentive with agencies claiming to provide extra-ordinary services with cheap price. Nothing is free. Learn here how to make trekking cheap in Nepal.

Myths 4# It will be cheap to book/hire services upon arrival in Nepal.
Fact: It can be true during off seasons but not in peak season of trekking in Nepal. Most of the hotels and flights are preoccupied in advance before start of the season. There are few scheduled domestic flights which makes almost impossible to book flight instantly. Even hiring a trekking guide can be troublesome since most of the guides are loyal to trekking agency for regular works. Mark our words, it is not cheap to book/hire trekking services upon arrival.

Myths 5# Age is ultimately, decisive factor for trekking in Himalaya of Nepal.
Age is not a decisive factor that can stop you from trekking in Nepal. Trekking is not only about pushing you in deep mountain or in high altitude. Blend of fun, hobby, passion, physical and mental challenge makes a perfect trekking in Nepal. Set your challenge and here we are to improvise and execute it. Trekking agencies in Nepal always fulfil your special requirements and criteria once you let them know beforehand.

Myths 6# Security and safety of trekkers is major concern in Nepal.
Fact: There are negligible unfortunate incidents regarding safety and security of trekkers and travelers in Nepal. There is no any room for physical emotional and economic harassment of travelers in Nepal. However, solo and individual trekkers are always advised to be more careful. Your safety and security are guaranteed by every trekking organizer and agency in Nepal. Not only by law, sentiments, cultural and religious aspects of Nepalese people guarantee your safety and security once you are in Nepal.

Myths 7# Nepal is popular only for trekking and climbing. No luxury trekking packages in Nepal.
Fact: Nepal is well renowned for trekking and climbing in deep Himalayan and snowline region. Trekking agency sale the best regular trekking packages. However, few trekkers know there are luxury trekking packages in Nepal that involves flying in helicopter. Most of the trekking destinations are easily reachable in helicopter. Furthermore, you may trek to the certain point you desire and fly back in helicopter to Kathmandu after completion of trek. But flying in helicopter is pretty expensive in Nepal.

Myths 8# Huge cultural and religious differences in between Nepalese people and western trekkers
Fact: Most of the people involved in tourism respects your religious and cultural identity. Eating together, talking, handshaking, entering home is not taboo anymore in town and city. However, countryside elderly people still might watch you with some curiosity but again not of offensive nature. Christians are not allowed to visit main deity of Hindu temple but can visit the surrounding and enjoy ancient structures and archaeology.

Myths 9# Nepal has vulnerable weather and prone to Natural calamities.
Fact: Rainy season often in June July, brings landslides in hilly regions and flood in southern lowlands. But not again during trekking seasons of  March-May & mid-August to mid-December. Most of the trekking routes are safe to natural calamities. Avalanches are rear and you never encounter in trekking paths unless you dare to climb the peaks and mountains. However, only serious concern among the trek organizers is delay and cancel of the flights in case of bad weather.

Myths 10# Nepal has no stable political situation.
Fact: Probably, this is the biggest and the oldest myth hurting tourism of Nepal even now. Though number of travelers in Nepal are increasing significantly, still it is not satisfactory.  After peace accord of 2006 and constitutional election, Nepal is enjoying the stable government. Strikes are almost null. Moreover, it has been very very long time that USA and European countries has not issued any travel regulations for its citizen to travel Nepal.