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cheap trekking in Nepal

18 May 2019 snowpath

Wondering how to make trekking cheap in Nepal? We provide few secret tips for cheap trekking in Nepal for the first time.It is true, boycotting the trekking agency and trekking as a backpacker makes the trekking cheap in Nepal. But in sake of saving couple of bucks does traveling alone worth? However, we do not discourage solo trekkers in Nepal citing security or any other reasons. Besides security concern, there are many more benefits a trekker can get booking a trekking through local-based trekking agency and organizer. More importantly, fierce competition among the trekking agency of Nepal can make trekking significantly cheap. As well, Nepalese economic heavily rely on tourism and of course it is not unusual to expect some direct benefits and contributions from travelers and trekkers. Specially community, society, people dependent on tourism industry of Nepal. Our suggestion, use trekking agency/organizer and save the money as well. Mutual benefits.

We respect your heard earnings and suggest you to spend wisely. We genuinely don’t say these given points are milestone to cut-down price of trekking in Nepal. But we can say, out of many more options there, these are few reliable and easy secret tips for cheap trekking in Nepal.

1.Making trekking group size as large as possible.

This is one of the biggest secret for cheap trekking in Nepal. More friends in your group, cheaper the price. Any trekking agency will consider the quoted price if you have big group of trekkers. Say if you have a group of 10 people you will get better deal. Once you are trekking in larger group the price is equally shared. Guide/Porter cost, hiring private car, sharing room and so on.

So, we suggest a trekker, spread your message of “travelling to Nepal” as much possible in between family, co-workers and colleagues. Moreover, ask them to join to trek to Nepal. There is nothing wrong giving them a call, sending email and informing about your plan. Planning 6 months in advance is the best way so everybody can have enough time to decide and make necessary adjustments. Principle of booking flight tickets apply as well in booking trekking in Nepal. Early booking is secret tips for cheap trekking in Nepal.

2.Selecting (Choosing) less crowded itinerary/trekking region/number of trekking days

Selecting less crowded itinerary or trekking region is another secret tips for cheap trekking in Nepal. It is hard yet possible. Ranking cheap trekking region Langtang trekking region< Annapurna trekking region< Everest trekking region. Also, the number of days is important. Longer the trekking itinerary, cheaper the price. For example, there is massive chance a trekking agency will provide cheap price to Annapurna Round trekking in comparison to Annapurna Base Camp trekking. Here number of days play important role. However, if you have already decided the trekking region/ itinerary/ number of days it is worthy to ask for few considerations. After all, Nepali proverb says “customers are god”.

3.Booking medium-priced hotel over five-star hotel

This is not in actual secret tips for cheap trekking in Nepal. In a sense everybody are aware about it.There is nothing new to explain in this topic. There are lots of accommodation (hotel) category in Nepal. Starting from as less as USD 5.00 to USD 250.00+. However, general trekkers are happy with luxury and service of medium-priced hotels. Generally, around USD 40.00 per night. Even though, this is personal choice of any trekker we recommend using hotel in between the range of USD 40.00 to USD 60.00 to get maximum benefits. Again, this is personal choice of trekker and there is no reason for us to influence their personal decision.

4.Asking for appropriate mode of transportation

Local bus<tourist bus<private car/flight in order of cheap to expensive mode of transportation in Nepal. Usually, we do not recommend local bus since they are crowded and slow and some of them are really old. Tourist bus can be appropriate for trekker to reduce the cost. Private car/jeep/bus becomes cheap for individual trekker if there are other trekkers to share the cost. Otherwise flight would be the best option for solo traveller specially to save the time. To go to Pokhara for Annapurna trekking region, using tourist bus is the best option to cut the price. However, service of tourist bus is limited to some region of Nepal, especially around Pokhara and Chitwan only. Ask trekking agency all the transportation options available in trekking region. For example, most of the itinerary of Annapurna trekking region is well-connected with gravel road and a trekker has option to drive instead of trekking to make the itinerary short.

5.We offer special discount those contributing (suggestions/involvement in B2B linking/site promotion and so on)

So, this is an extra effort of for mutual benefits of trekker and us as a travel agency in Nepal. Help us in anyway you can, after recognizing your effort we genuinely provide some benefits to you including few discounts to Free Treks in Nepal as our promotional tools. Contribute us with your suggestions, involve in B2B linking and any other genuine idea for promoting us (especially in your home country). In doing so both the party should enter in mutual understandings and agreements. However, all the rights and final decisions are reserved within authority of in doing so.

6.Use Nepal based trekking agency (local organizer) if possible.

Some trekkers like to book trekking in Nepal through travel/ trekking agency based (registered/operating) on their home country. Especially those trekkers, who want to secure themselves from scam and unwanted legal issues that might arise during their stay in Nepal. Respecting your concerns, these kinds of cases are very rear in Nepal. Negligible. We can proudly say Nepalese people are honest and friendly especially those working in tourism sectors. Mark our word, trust Nepalese trekking and travel agency to trek in Nepal directly without any doubt. For sure this will cut down trekking price massively. And most importantly your direct involvement in Nepal through the local trekking agency/ person / organizer will provide more benefit to Nepalese community.