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7 Aug 2019 snowpath

Best Treks in Annapurna trekking region, provides short yet valuable information on popular and trending trekking itinerary of Annapurna Conservation Area of Nepal. Comparatively, these sections (trekking itinerary) of Annapurna Conservation Area is popular among the trekkers. These trekking sections of Annapurna remains highly busy and crowded during peak season of trekking in Nepal. Especially, from March-May (Spring) and September-November (Autumn).

Annapurna Conservation protected area covers massive area of 7629 in west of Kathmandu. Trekker can select any of trekking itinerary depending on trekking days, budget and price, adventure level they want. Including specific landscape and mountain they want to capture along with tradition, religion and culture of people they want to know and see.

Interestingly, the landscape, topography and climatic zone on one section of Annapurna trekking region is completely different to other section. For example, during Upper Mustang trek, trekker can experience Trans-Himalayan climatic zone while during Annapurna Round trekking, trekker can enjoy mixed climatic zone of tropical, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine and snowline. Same with the culture, religion, and tradition of people residing in the Annapurna region. Plus, amateur trekker not interested in trekking deep alpine and snowline of Annapurna can trek to Mardi Himal, Ghorepani Ghandruk Circuit, Khopra Danda and Khayer lake. Point to be noted, these trekking receives positive feedback from experienced trekkers as well.

Another great advantage in the Annapurna trekking region is extra-ordinary options to select the trekking itineraries depending upon trekking days trekkers have. Trekker can trek for few days to months in Annapurna region. Annapurna Round trekking can be completed in between 13 days to 21 days. So is the case of Annapurna Base Camp trekking. Moreover, trekker can join and combine other numerous trekking itinerary for extra-adventure. Annapurna Round joins and branches off to other less popular section like Tilicho and Nar Phu. Peak climbing, for sure add extra thrills in Annapurna trekking region.

Here we list out the best treks in Annapurna trekking region for trekkers. Again, the number of trekkers in the region would be the first criteria of scoring. The landscape and natural attractiveness would be the second. Flexibility of itinerary, cultural and religious diversity are also some other considerations. Luxury during the trek, difficult level are some other criteria, we consider making the list of best treks in Annapurna trekking region. In general, there is no debate regarding luxury for trekker around Annapurna. However, the list is compiled for general trekkers, without acknowledging whether the trekker is experienced or amateur

1.Annapurna Round Trekking

Annapurna Round trekking holds the first position in the list of best treks in Annapurna trekking region. The oldest and classic trekking itinerary of many other, it was and still is number one priority of trekker in Annapurna region. The trekking itinerary covers huge area of Annapurna section. An opportunity to experience wonderful landscape and topography of Marshyangdi valley and Kaligandaki valley.  Mount Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri ranges and other numerous mountains and peaks attract decent number of trekkers in the region. As well, trekker adores different ethnic community of the Himalayas along with rich culture, religion and tradition.

Even after construction of jeep road in the region, there is still high curiosity and interest, especially among new trekker who haven’t done Annapurna Round. Interestingly, once remote and lengthy itinerary, now it has become easily accessible, short, cheap and highly flexible. There is always possibility for side-trips who wants to add extra-adventure in Annapurna Round trekking. Adding Nar Phu trekking, Tilicho lake trekking absolutely multiplies grade of adventure. Needless to say, peak climbing can be other high-grade adventure, simply adding extra 2-3 days in regular trekking itinerary of Annapurna round.

2.Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Annapurna Base camp trekking marginally holds the second spot for the list of best treks in Annapurna trekking region. Base camp treks in Nepal is always popular and first choice of trekker. The shortest trekking days to base camp of Annapurna (8091m) is the most iconic and peculiar characteristic of Annapurna Base camp. Short trekking days also implies for less trekking cost. 7 days of absolute trekking and trekker can capture, experience and enjoy one of the base camp treks of Nepal. Amazing.

Beside, direct route to Base camp of Annapurna, trekker can explore some amazing countryside trekking villages of Nepal. Adding, few trekking days to relatively less commercial Ghorepani, Ghandruk trekker can explore Gurung culture and tradition. As well, amateur trekker can properly acclimatize if they add extra few days around Ghorepani Ghandruk circuit, which itself is one of the best treks in lower trekking region of Annapurna.

3.Upper Mustang Trekking

Not only confined to Annapurna trekking region, Upper Mustang is one of the most distinctive trekking itinerary Nepal can provide to any trekker. One of the few places in Nepal, where trekker can experience Trans-Himalayan landscape. Rich in Budhhism, mysterious culture and tradition, historical significance of the region, architectural buildings, old chortens, monasteries, paintings on life of Buddha are some real quality of Upper Mustang. For sure, few sentences cannot summarize whole Upper Mustang trekking.

Even though, there is road access to Upper Mustang, trekker needs to pay minimum USD 500.00 to obtain the special permit for 10 days of trekking. And, we want trekker to take full advantage of 10 days without compromising trekking itinerary. In short, Upper Mustang is not a really flexible trekking in terms of number of days. Not only one of the best treks in Annapurna trekking, it certainly holds top spot in one of the best trekking in Nepal.

4. Ghorepani Ghandruk Circuit Trekking

One of the easiest and most flexible trekking itineraries in Annapurna trekking region. Many other popular trekking of Annapurna region can include this beautiful countryside villages dominated by Gurung culture in respective itinerary. Somehow, this section is hub for whole Annapurna trekking region. Itinerary of Annapurna base camp, Annapurna round, Kaligandaki valley, newly popular Khopra Danda and Khayer Lake trekking, Mardi Himal trekking can join to and depart from this beautiful lower trekking region of Annapurna.

Also hiking to Poon hill, trekker can summarize notable mountains of Annapurna trekking region including Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Fishtail from single spot. The trekking in the region can be a first step for amateur trekker, to experience adventurous and difficult trekking in Nepal in future. Easy, cheap, beautiful countryside villages, amazing landscape, tradition and culture of Gurung people should be enough to rank in 4th spot of best treks in Annapurna trekking region.

5. Mardi Himal Base Camp Trekking / Khopra Danda and Khayer Lake Trekking

The Mardi Himal Base camp trekking along with Khopra Danda and Khayer Lake trekking holds the mutual spot on the list of best treks in Annapurna trekking region. Both the trekking were recognized few years back, but the pace of popularity these trekking gaining is extremely high. There is subtle threat of displacing Ghorepani Ghandruk circuit trekking by these trekking itineraries.

These both trekking are similar in terms of general landscape and altitude. Importantly, instead of spending nights at high altitude trekker can spend night at sub-alpine region and still can explore alpine and snowline landscape. A rear yet important co-incidence, experienced trekker like this trekking region for being quiet and less crowded, while amateur trekker appreciates this trekking well-balanced and practical in terms of altitude and difficulty. Exploring these trekking region before they become highly commercialized like other regions of Annapurna is a great idea.

6. Nar Phu Valley Trekking

Not popular like Upper Mustang, but Nar Phu valley trekking is another great itinerary to explore the Trans-Himalayan landscape of Nepal. Near, yet only few trekkers notice and trek around this region. The trekking is highly popular to understand and learn the religion, culture and tradition of highly marginalised community of Nar and Phu village. Plus, the region used to be temporary settlement of Khampa refugees where trekker can still see some remnants. Again Nar Phu valley itself is utterly beautiful in terms of landscape.

There is also a misconception of Nar Phu valley trekking assuming to be highly difficult, remote and demanding. True, adding Kang-La pass the trekking itinerary becomes a bit difficult. But trekker can skip Kang-La pass, explore culturally rich Nar and Phu valley and descend down retracing the same path took earlier. Also, it is true, the trekking is not comparatively as much luxurious as other trekking region of Nepal. But still Nar Phu trek holds a credible spot in list of of best treks in Annapurna trekking region.