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3 May 2019 snowpath

Why Trekker needs to consider trekking in Langtang? There are numerous reasons. In paper, Langtang trekking region stands at third position after Annapurna and Everest trekking region considering the popularity rate. However, the Langtang trekking region is still struggling to attract decent number of trekkers. No 8000m mountains (Probably??). Might be the reason Langtang is underrated trekking of Nepal. But there are numerous other reasons why trekker needs to consider trekking in Langtang region.

Nearby Kathmandu, the underrated trekking region has the easiest transportation availability. Not as much cheap it should have been, but still the trekking is slightly cheaper than Everest and Annapurna. As well this underrated trekking region has numerous exit and entry point joint by the road access, that makes the itinerary really flexible. Confined to Langtang trekking region, Tamang people and their culture plus tradition are something a trekker cannot miss. Beautiful Tamang villages Gatlang, Langtang, Kyanjing are must see places to understand Tamang people and their culture. Langtang trekking region is also rich in wild flora and fauna comparing other trekking regions. It is mysterious why Langtang is underrated trekking of Nepal beside such massive potential. Definitely we provide enough reasons why trekker needs to consider trekking in Langtang.

Though trekking has no 8000m mountains the landscape is still amazing that stretches from tropical region to snowline. Even though, trekking is categorized as easy/moderate, still you need to make fair amount of ascends and descends. As well trekking around 5030m (Tserko ri) and Gosaikunda (4460m) is not an easy thing to do. Let’s list out why trekker needs to consider trekking in Langtang region of Nepal and deserves more trekkers.

1.Easy transportation availability that makes the trekking flexible.

Drive to Dhunche/ Syabrubeshi/ Gatlang/ Sundarijal to start the trek. Moreover, you can also end the trekking at those places accordingly. 9 days trekking including international arrival and departure, you can trek 20+ days in the region. Particularly, there are three popular itineraries for general trekkers. Langtang valley trekking, Langtang Tamang Heritage trekking and Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu trekking. The best part is, trekkers can combine either of those itineraries as per budget, number of days and personal preferences.

2. Beautiful Landscape including Gosaikunda Lake and Tserko-ri.

Divided to tropical, temperate, sub-alpine, alpine and snowline climatic region, the trekking holds true legacy for diversified landscapes. Trekking starts with terraced farm lands, dense forest, beautiful villages at lower trekking region. Nagthali, Langtang, Kyanjing, Lauribinayak are popular sub-alpine and alpine stop-overs. From these places you can enjoy the true landscapes of Langtang trekking. Moreover, Tserko ri is a great spot to enjoy the deep Himalayan section of Langtang trekking region. Gosaikunda rich for numerous lakes in high altitude, surely amazes every trekker. Definitely makes trekker astonished, why Langtang is underrated trekking of Nepal, besides such beautiful and unique landscape.

3. Rich in Culture and Tradition of Tamang people.

Though lower trekking region has mixed community of different ethnics group, the upper region trekking is over-powered by the culture and tradition of Tamang people. Moreover, the Langtang National Park is the only place in Nepal where Tamang people lives so uniformly and densely. It is amazing to see day to day life of Tamang people engaging in farming, animal husbandry plus few in tourism industry. Gatlang, Thuman, Langtang, Kyanjing and Thulo Syabrubeshi are hotspot to know and see Tamang people. Though, they are influenced by Tibetan culture and follows Buddhism they are quite different and unique.Though Langtang is underrated trekking of Nepal, it is very rich in culture and tradition of indigenous Tamang people.

4. Rich Natural flora and fauna

The Langtang trekking is very rich in wild vegetations and flora. Most of the tropical and temperate region has the forest rhododendron, pine, oak, bamboo, spruce and juniper. Specially around places like Thuman, Kahanjim, Lama hotel, Ghodetabela, Thulo Syabrubeshi, Simgompa, Ghopte, Tarkeghyang. These places with dense forest is also home to beautiful wild animals like Red panda, Himalayan black bear, musk deer. Similarly, Lophophorous, Himalayan snow cock, Himalayan vultures are some interesting birds seen around the region. The upper trekking region has open dry pasturelands with small juniper bushes, providing the unrestricted view of beautiful mountainous landscape at horizon.

5. Other Reasons why trekker needs to consider trekking in Langtang

Comparatively cheap comparing Everest trekking and Annapurna trekking. The best trekking region to start trekking in Nepal for any amateur and beginner trekkers. Peak climbing option is also popular adventurous activity in the region. The trekking is also nearby the Tibet boarder. There is possibility to trek in the region, combining three different popular itineraries at single time. Geographic/ Cultural/ Natural researches and study purposes are other few topics to list out. One of the best yak cheese is available in the Langtang trekking region. Also, Gosaikunda lake carries high significant for Buddhists as well as Hindus reflecting cultural harmony. It is not allowed to make any kind of animal sacrifices in the Langtang village and carries important history behind it.