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20 Jul 2019 snowpath

Why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal ? There are numerous reasons. Are you bored of travelling luxurious and comfortable beaches every summer?  Jaded of tropical climate? Want some adventures, challenges and thrills of trekking in High Himalayas? Curious for next new destination to travel, full of surprises? Then definitely next vacation should be trekking in Nepal. Moreover, if you enjoyed trekking in rocky canyons of America? Alps of Europe? Andes of South America? Then, it is time to explore famous Himalaya ranges of South Asia, Nepal. For sure we can assure, trekking in Nepal is entirely different situation and scenario what you experienced before.

8 of the highest mountains out of 10 are in Nepal. Most of them are easily reachable through trekking. Numerous trekking itineraries options for trekker, is another reason trekking in Nepal is well-appreciated. Diversified culture and religion can give a traveller and trekker entirely new insights. Stable government, improvised security for trekker and traveller has highly contributed for increasing number of trekker and traveller in Nepal, in recent years. Even though, a developing nation, every trekker finds interesting how better the infrastructures are in such a high altitude. Easy visa processing, especially for European, American and well-developed Asian countries makes the situation better and easy to travel and trek to Nepal. Let us explain point by point why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal.

Nepal has reason to boast, 8 highest mountains out of 10

Thanks to geographic location of Nepal. Unlike other mountain ranges of world, Nepal’s Himalaya ranges is home to 8 highest mountains of the earth. Out of 10. Mount Everest (8848m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8485m), Cho-Oyu (8188m), Dhaulagiri I (8167m), Manaslu (8163m), Annapurna I (8091m). Lots of named and unnamed peaks and mountains with various heights and altitudes. The best thing is most of them are reachable through trekking. Beside trekking, lots of climber and expedition group visits Nepal every year to conquer these mountains. Lots of Mountains and peaks for such a small country with area of 147,181 Trekking to base camps, high passes to capture close-up view of these mountains is definitely a high-grade adventure one can expect in lifetime. One of other many reason why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal.

Lots of trekking itineraries options with geographic diversity

Unbelievable yet true, name the type of itinerary you want short or long, easy or challenging, near or remote. This variety of trekking itinerary in a single country is very rear. Every trekker who has visited Nepal at least once agrees for sure, Nepal can provide different types of itinerary, a trekker wants. Moreover, a trekker gains steady altitude while trekking in Nepal. Every trekking itineraries are well balanced for experienced and amateur trekkers. Which is the most important characteristic of true trekking, and without doubt Nepal delivers it. 3 days short trekking to a month-long trekking is something that is outstanding about Nepal. For example, trekker needs to trek numbers of days in between tropical, temperate, sub-alpine and alpine region to reach base camps or high passes of Himalayas.Obviously, this explains why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal.

Diversity in ethnic groups, culture and religion

Cultural harmony, religious tolerance, numerous ethnic groups is another reason why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal. With score 0.677 Nepal stands 43rd in world ethnically diversified country with 127 ethnic groups including undefined groups and foreigners. Amazing statistics for such a small country. Each ethnic community has own cultures and traditions. The culture and tradition of people in southern lowland known as Terai, is highly interrelated with India. The mid region popular as hilly region has the most diversified cultural community. People of Himalayan region shares culture and tradition with Tibetan people. 80.62% follows Hinduism, 10.74 % follows Buddhism, 4.20% are Muslim 3.60% are Kirat, and 0.45% are Christian.

Nepal is the most tolerable country in the world in terms of respecting culture ethnicity and religion of people. There has not been any riot till date, in name of culture, race, religion and tradition. People respect each other and lives in great harmony. It is not surprising and unusual to see Buddhist sculptures in Hindu Temples and Hindu sculptures in Buddhist Monastery. So technically, trekker exclusively gets opportunity to see Buddhist culture and tradition in northern part of the country. Moreover, every Nepalese people are warm and embraces foreigner with positive attitudes. Easy social norms and values helps foreigner to adjust in no time.

Unbelievable Luxury in Trekking

The luxury trekker gets in trekking is unbelievable. Properly built tea houses, hot water, battery charging facilities, communication facility, transportation options, clean beds and fresh foods are some example. These facilities above 4000m are serious things to consider. Local entrepreneur highly maintains these facilities during trekking season of Nepal. However, influx of trekker and these facilities are directly proportional. The trekking region where the number of trekkers is high has the best luxury and infrastructures and the region where there is less flow of trekkers, are average. For example, Everest, Annapurna and Langtang trekking regions have numerous trekkers and the tea house owner has upgraded the service accordingly. Few trekker visit Kanchenjunga, and the facility and luxury at Kanchenjunga is not as equal as Everest. Another great reason why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal.

Stable political situation and no security threats for trekkers

Nepal tourism industry wrecked down during the civil war in between 1996-2006. Security threats, demand of donation from trekker, strikes hampered the tourism industry of Nepal a lot in those years. Now the situation is different. After 2006, the number of traveller and trekker is increasing with great pace. The increasing number of trekker proves the facts.  After new constitution, Nepal is enjoying stable government. No strikes. No security threats to trekker and travellers. A lot of new transformations in such a short span of time. Even backpackers and individual trekkers are having great time in Nepal. The important part is no western country has issued travel restriction and guidelines to visit Nepal. A safe country to enjoy trekking.

Nice weather and temperature

For sure, topographical and geographical diversity plays vital role in weather and temperature in Himalaya. Base camps are not as vulnerable and cold people might think. Weather during March-May and September-November is pretty calm to enjoy deep Himalayas of Nepal. Numerous high ridges like Kalapatthar, Gokyo ri , Poonhill, high passes like Thorong-la pass, Cho-La pass, Larkey-La pass are perfect spots to summarise the Himalayas from single point. A blue sky with calm weather, nice temperature and a trekker surrounded by peaks and mountains from every possible angle is something hard to explain with words.

Other reasons why next vacation should be in Nepal

Easy visa processing on arrival for numerous countries makes travel efficient in Nepal. Upcoming event visit Nepal 2020 can be a good opportunity and reason to travel Nepal. Mountaineering and peak climbing a can be another reason. Beside trekking, other activity like jungle safari, volunteering, rafting and kayaking are some reasons why next vacation should be in Nepal. Anthropologists, geologists, climatologists and other researchers often visit Nepal to understand the culture, geology and climate changes in Himalayas. A 45 min mountain flight summarises the Himalaya ranges of Nepal. Nepal tour, in luxurious city and town including Kathmandu,Pokhara, Lumbini,Chitwan is a great way to explore Nepal within short span. Literally, these mentioned points is a fraction of many other reasons why next vacation should be trekking in Nepal.