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Base Camp Trekking Nepal Story

15 Apr 2019 snowpath

The story behind base camp trekking in Nepal provides trekker a valuable information what base camp exactly is, how many there are and what to expect during trekking. Nepal is landmark for the highest mountains in the world. Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho-oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Annapurna I, are the 8 highest mountain among top 10. Most of the protected areas in Nepal are named after these highest mountains. Even though, some of these mountains share boarder with China, climbers choose Nepal as main destination to climb these peaks except for Cho-oyu.

The main reason of choosing Nepal for expeditions of these highest mountains is flawless trekking itinerary to reach base camp through Nepal. Plus Nepal has 40 peaks in between height of 7500m-8000m, 1253 peaks in between 6000-7500m, 603 peaks in between 5500m-6000m, 1913 peaks above 5500m. Mountaineers have numerous options to choose any peaks in between for amplifying their skills before hitting the highest peaks. Though the story behind base camp trekking in Nepal has long history. Here we provide short description of each base camp trekking in Nepal.

The story behind Base Camp trekking in Nepal for trekker

Every mountains and peaks have base camp to carry out expedition. Generally base camp is the place from where a climber gets a support for successful climbing of the peaks or mountains. Base camp is a place where climbers set up a camp for months to amplify their climbing skills and adopt with the environment. Base camp trekking in Nepal are popular of the mountains and peaks in between 7500m and above. Base camps of Everest & Lhotse (Same base camp), Manaslu , Annapurna, Kanchenjunga are the busiest for both trekkers and climbers.

Reason to provide article the story behind base camp trekking in Nepal for trekkers.What is there for trekkers at Base camp trekking in Nepal?

Even though, climbers and trekkers have different ambition and purpose to reach Base camp, the itinerary would be same for trekking and expedition. For trekkers reaching base camp would be the end of the journey. A proud moment for trekkers to share and cherish. But not the end of the story. To reach snowline of base camp the trek starts in tropical climatic zone. That gradually follows lower temperate, upper temperate, sub-alpine and alpine landscape. Trekking in between these landscapes and experiencing different natural and cultural diversity is the secret and fun part of trekking to base camp.

The story behind Base Camp trekking in Nepal for trekkers with short description each.

As earlier said, Base camp has different purpose and meaning for climbers and trekkers. For climbers, base camp can be very popular or highly remote place depending upon the mountain they choose to summit. However, trekkers often choose busy, crowded and popular base camps. For example, trekkers don’t find Dhaulagiri Base Camp and Makalu Base Camp attractive, while comparing to Annapurna Base Camp and Everest Base Camp. In other word, trekkers normally won’t trek to remote base camps if they don’t have intention to climb mountains and peaks. Focusing solely for trekkers we have sorted out popular base camps of Nepal. We concluded this short assessment after valuable feedback from trekkers, accessibility, diversified natural and cultural aspects.

1. Everest Base Camp Trekking
Mount Everest itself and numerous other peaks and mountains make the Everest Base Camp one of the busiest trekking region in Nepal. At the height of 5364m it is always number one choice of trekkers. Furthermore, mount Cho-oyu, mount Lhotse, mount Makalu adds valuable natural heritage to the trekking. One cannot forget the beauty of Ama Dablam, Pumori,Thamserku and Nuptse. Interesting Sherpa community with distinctive culture and tradition is another valuable aspect of Everest Base Camp trekking. Climbing Kalapatthar(5600m) the highest point would summarize the beauty of Everest trekking region.

Trekking starts from Forested temperate climatic zone and needless to say ends at the snowline of Base camp. Biggest sub-alpine villages at Namche, Khumjung and Khunde would be an ideal spot to see day to day activity of Sherpa people. Tengboche monastery, numerous chortens, manis wall throughout the trekking path highlights Buddhism. Temperate, sub-alpine forest is home to numerous birds and animal species. Everest Base Camp trekking is a complete package one can ask for base camp trekking in Nepal.

2. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking
Marginally, Annapurna Base Camp Trekking grabs second spot to Everest Base Camp trekking. The shortest itinerary to reach the base camp of mountain above 8000m. The shorter trekking day means the trekking is cheap as well. Equally important, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna south are bonus mountains that trekkers admire. Fishtail, Gangapurna, Himchuli are other popular peaks you can see throughout the trekking.

Annapurna Base camp trekking starts at tropical region and follows the bank of Modi Khola. Beautiful settlements at Ghandruk and Chhomrong dominated by the Gurung community is an exceptional way to see the diversified cultures and traditions of Nepal. Trekking through out the dense temperate forest, the landscape sharply changes at Machhapuchre Base Camp. Finally taking you the snowline of Annapurna Base Camp at the height of 4130m. Physically and financially moderate plus the flexible trekking itinerary is the biggest gift a trekker can ask for a base camp trekking in Nepal.

3. Manaslu Base Camp Trekking
Manaslu base Camp trekking is actually a small section of Round Manaslu Trekking. Unlike Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base camp, the trekking does not end at the base camp. After hiking to Base camp of Manaslu from Samagaon, the trekking path continues to encircle the mount Manaslu through Larkey-La pass at the altitude of 5106m.Himalchuli, Ngadi chuli, Samdo ri peak, Shiringi are some other peaks that improvise the beauty of Manaslu trekking.

Manaslu trekking starts at tropical region. The landscapes and vegetation changes  with the every altitude we gain. Trekkers always admire beautiful village of Lho, Samagaon , Samdo and Bhimthang at sub-alpine and alpine regions. Moreover, highly distinctive Tsum and Nubri people and their cultures are found only in Manaslu trekking region. Needless to say, Chortens, manis wall, monastery always gives you surprises. Little amount of courage to cross Larkey-La can bring the Manaslu trekking down to your foot. Steady altitude-gain, distinctive Nubri and Tsum people, amazing alpine villages makes a trekking a complete package to anybody. Author’s favourite trekking itinerary.

4. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking
Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking grabs 4th spot among the base camp trekking of Nepal. The flawless trekking itinerary takes you to the base camp of mount Kanchenjunga at the height of 5143m. Situated at far east of Nepal makes the transportation cost comparatively expensive. Otherwise there is nothing a trekker can complain about. Numerous peaks and flanks of massive Kanchenjunga at deep snowline worth every penny you spend.

Kanchenjunga base camp trekking starts at tropical region gradually takes you to snowline of Yalung. Interestingly the trekking drops to upper temperate climatic region of Ghunsa upon crossing Sele-La. And again, follows alpine region of Khambachen and Lhonak before reaching Base camp. Interesting and completely different than other Base camp trekking of Nepal. Rich in wild floras and faunas the trekking region is also home to numerous Himalayan wildlife. Isolation, quiet trekking path, sparse human settlements, constantly-changing landscape can be a fascinating for any real adventure seekers.

5. Makalu Base Camp Trekking
Comparatively, Makalu Base Camp trekking sees few trekkers than other base camps of Nepal. The trekking mostly follows the Makalu Barun valley (National park) adjacent to popular Sagarmatha National Park. Known to few trekkers, the trekking is the richest protected area among all other considering the vegetation and wildlife. Moreover, the trekking can be ideal choice to see the landscape of Everest trekking region and Makalu at single itinerary. However, poor marketing, few tea houses and remote landscape attract only few trekkers in this region. Beside mount Makalu other notable peaks and mountains in the region are Chamlang, Baruntse and Mera peak.

Like any other trekking of Nepal, Makalu base camp trekking starts at tropical region. Gradually, trekking heads north following the subtropical, temperate, alpine and finally snowline at Base camp at height of 5250m. Limbu ,Yakkha and Sherpa community dominates the trekking region. Makalu Base camp trekking can be first choice of any trekkers seeking actual wilderness and isolation. A complete trekking package to see undisturbed natural and cultural heritage of Nepal.

Finally, the story behind base camp trekking in Nepal provides the actual short brief of trekking in Nepal of popular base camps. Besides well known highest mountains each small climbing peaks have base camp as well. Mera Peak base camp, Chulu peak base camp, Island peak base camp and so on. Also, we believe, the story behind base camp trekking in Nepal provides general yet valuable information to trekkers for the next trekking to base camps of Nepal.