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31 Jul 2019 snowpath

Improve your trekking experience in Nepal with simple tips. After giving all positive information and vibes for travellers and trekkers in Nepal, here are minor things that can disappoint some trekker in Nepal. Again, these things trouble only small fraction of trekker in Nepal. But still disappointment is a disappointment. Only few trekkers complain and few organizers talk about these things. But we want you to be prepared mentally and remain calm in such situations. Moreover, if you are trekking first time in Nepal, this can really help to improve your trekking experience in Nepal.

Genuinely, most of the trek organizers keep strong grip on these minor problems. Assuming trekkers might face these problems at some point while trekking in Nepal. Some can be solved once they arise or improvise them, and some are out of our control and there is no solution other than showing patience and staying calm. For example, standing in long queue in Airport for visa processing in Immigration upon arrival is not the thing we can tackle. Missing luggage, we can solve most of the time. Idea of avoiding hawkers and vendors is definitely controllable if a client wants and understands. But again, these things are never complained about by trekker and travellers in Nepal. However, a piece of information is always valuable to tackle some unwanted situation. we want to point out some possible problems and how you can improve your trekking experience in Nepal for better.

1. Arrival in Airport

During peak season, the numerous International flights and arrival of trekker is actually chaos in Nepal airport. Long queue for visa can take couple of hours. We suggest you to apply for Nepalese visa in Nepal Embassy or Consulate of Nepal, if it is nearby your hometown. If not, maintain calmness while standing in long queue at the Nepal airport. Representative from your agency will be waiting you outside eagerly. No matter how much time you take during the process.

If you miss luggage, either fill a form and submit to respective airline as soon as possible or meet your trekking organizer representative in airport who can help you for further processing. Most of the time, airlines work efficiently to provide luggage next day depending upon the transit you took.

There are numerous hawkers and vendors outside Airport offering you cheap price for transportation, trekking and any other activity if you have not booked your travel or trekking with agency. Some are genuine and some are not, but cheap is definitely questionable.

2. Selection of Hotel

Most of the trekker likes to spend night in periphery of Thamel a tourist hub. But there are also few trekkers who choose hotel outskirt of Thamel area. Some trekker and travellers like to book on their own, while some seeks help of travel and trekking agency. Thamel is so congested, a room in a section of hotel building can be quiet and peaceful, and the room on other section of same building can be noisy. The most common problem trekker and traveller complain about is selection of hotel. There are some poor-quality hotels in Thamel. Avoid it. The good thing is, trekking agency and organizers do not offer such kind of hotels for clients in first hand. Moreover, they are so serious with your problems, they provide alternative solutions in every possible situation instantly. Improve your trekking experience in Nepal by giving attention while selecting suitable accommodation.

3.Delay or Cancel of Domestic Flights

The mountainous geography is curse for domestic flights in Nepal. The weather keeps on changing in mountain region. Flights to Pokhara, Biratnagar and other major cities of the country is really not a big issue. In contrast, a trekker needs to have great patience flying in and out from places like Lukla and Jomsom. Most of the time, flights are delayed and in worst condition, they get cancelled as well. If a trekker has really tight schedule, then the actual problem arises. In such scenario, trekking agency and organizer suggests optional trekking itinerary. So, a trekker needs to remain calm and discuss possible options in case domestic flights get cancelled time and again. Strong mental preparation for such situation can help to improve your trekking experience in Nepal. Ask and make right and prompt decision if domestic flights are cancelled.

4.Poor-quality Nepali trekking crews

Even after booking your trekking through agency of Nepal, if you were entitled poor-quality Nepalese trekking crews. It’s a fraud. However, good news is that most trekking agency do not take such a massive risk. Most of the time they are good. The new generation trekking guide speaks good English and has better knowledge with outside world. In same way, aged trekking guides are highly experienced, but might not be as fluent as new generation trekking guides in terms of communication.  Most of the trekking agency arranges a meeting between you and trekking guide before start of trekking. Rarely the personal nature of guide (alcoholic? too much talkative? Overconfident?) can disappoint some trekker, but still most trekker does not like to complain about it. Strongly ask for good trekking guides and porters according to your need, to improve your trekking experience in Nepal.

5.Poor weather during trekking. Especially in crucial moment.

There is no biggest disappointment when weather dramatically changes in mountain. Especially in crucial moments, when you are about to climb Kalapatthar, Gokyo ri or reached Annapurna base camp. Some takes easily as fate of luck or natural phenomenon but every trekker might not feel such a way. But the bitter truth is you must cope with all those emotions there is nothing one can do. Again, if a trekker has no tight schedule, he/she can request to spend another extra day in hope weather gets better to enjoy the landscape. Most of the trekking guides and trekking organizer honestly wants you to enjoy such moments vividly and again will try to suggest possible options in such situation if there is any. Adding a reserve day in trekking itinerary can highly improve the experience of trekking in Nepal. Especially trekking around Base camps and high passes. Congested trekking itinerary is not great idea.

6. Highly crowded Base camp and Circuit treks

During peak seasons of trekking in Nepal, base camp treks and circuit treks are highly busy and crowded. Especially, around Everest and Annapurna trekking region. The backpackers and individual trekker suffer more comparing to organized treks. Most of the time in upper trekking region first come first service principle works. Trekking guides of Nepal, most of the time use their personal contact to book room in advance. More importantly in upper trekking region like Gokyo, Gorakshep, Annapurna Base camp where there are few numbers of tea-houses. Ask other less crowded trekking itineraries with your organizer, if you hate a busy route/trekking region. This can massively improve your trekking experience in Nepal. Trekking to Gokyo from Renjo-La pass instead of taking a direct route through Machhermo can be a good choice.

These are minor disappointment trekkers might face while trekking in Nepal. Obviously, negligible comparing the other numbers of beautiful aspects and experiences you achieve in Nepal. However, this is just a precautionary article about the situation that may arise during stay in Nepal. We hope, it makes easier to cope with such situations if trekkers and travellers stay informed beforehand. A small attention or small distraction can change whole experience of trekking in Nepal. Making either good or bad.