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24 Apr 2019 snowpath

Here, we provide the general information on Manaslu Round Trekking for the trekkers. Manaslu Round Trekking encircles the Mount Manaslu 8156m. Recognized few years back and recently popular, the trekking attracts numerous trekkers from Annapurna Round trekking. More to that, regular and frequent trekkers in Nepal often complaining about road construction in Annapurna trekking region sees future on Manaslu Round Trekking for upcoming few years. Here is everything you need to know as a trekker about Manaslu Round trekking, believing enthusiastic trekkers deserve all the information they want.

The trekking starts by the bank of Budhi Gandaki river at the Budhi Gandaki valley. The Manaslu Round trekking region branches off at place call Gampul for Tsum Valley trekking. Tsum valley trekking is one of the most popular regions to understand the Buddhism culture, religion and tradition of community Tsum. Trekkers can see and enjoy culture and tradition of Nubri people in Manaslu Round trekking. Trekkers can join to Round Manaslu trekking from less popular Ruby valley trekking as well. Larkey Peak climbing can be the perfect choice for adventure seekers in the region. The trekking joins at Dharapani of Round Annapurna trekking region and descends to Besisahar, gateway to Round Annapurna Trekking.

Not popular, but some trekkers continue to Annapurna Round trekking from Dharapani upon completion of Manaslu trekking. Some trekkers prefer to combine Manaslu Round trekking with Tsum valley as well. Also, some trekkers like to end trekking at Dharapani and drive to Besisahar to make the itinerary short. In contrast, some like to trek from Dharapani to Syange instead of driving. This is the author’s favorite trekking since it is a complete package that a trekker can expect. Steady altitude-gain itinerary, fascinating culture, and people, beautiful landscape, moderate in terms of physicality are some plus points of Manaslu Round Trekking.

The general information on Manaslu round trekking provides short yet valuable information about the altitude, popularity, transportation modes, permit requirement to trek on Manaslu region.

1.Trekking Name             
Manaslu Round Trekking/ Round Manaslu Trekking/ Manaslu Circuit Trek


3.Transportation to start the Manaslu Round Trek
Drive to Arughat from Kathmandu and start the trek. Moreover, driving to Sotikhola makes trekking short by 1 day.

4.Maximum Altitude      
Larkey-La Pass (5106m)

Starts at Tropical and gradually ends at alpine and snowline following lower temperate and upper temperate landscape. Once again drops to tropical climatic zone trekking through temperate landscape after crossing Larkey-La pass.

6.Best Season                    
March-May & September-November

Breakfast in Kathmandu. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner during trekking

Hotels in Kathmandu/ Tea houses in trekking.

9.Protected Area             
Manaslu Conservation Area plus section of Annapurna Conservation Area.

10.Trekking hours           
6-7 hr a day

11.Major Himalayas       
Mount Manaslu(8163m) Himalchuli peak (7893m), Ngadi Chuli(7871m), Shringi (7187m), with numerous other snow capped peaks.

Mixed community of Brahamin, Chhetri, Magar, Gurung at lower trekking region following Hinduism. Nubri and Tsum People, Long back migrated Tibetan, Sherpas, at upper trekking region following Buddhism.

13.Place of Interests     
Arughat, Jagat, Bhi, Lho, Samagaon, Samdo, Dharmashala, Larkey-La, Bhimthang, Dharapani

Restricted Area Permit (Special Permit) issued from Department of Immigration, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and TIMS card.

15.Transportation to end the trek
Some trekkers like to end trek at Dharapani and drive to Besisahar. From Besisahar drive to Kathmandu Next day. However, some trekkers like to end the trek at Syange/ Besisahar and drive to Kathmandu

Note: Not general information on Manaslu round trekking, but very important, restricted area permit (special permit) is obtainable through trekking agency only. Plus there should be at least two trekkers to obtain the special permit of Manaslu. As well, hiring a trekking guide for Manaslu trekking area is compulsory.