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9 Aug 2019 snowpath

Best treks in Everest trekking region is the list of popular trekking section/itinerary within Sagarmatha National park. Mount Everest is the centre of attraction in the Everest trekking region. Mount Lhotse ( 8516m) and Mount Cho-Oyu (8188m) respectively 3rd and 6th highest mountain in the world makes the trekking region highly popular not only in Nepal, but throughout the world. One of the busiest trekking region in Nepal possibly in world. The Everest trekking region is so much stuffed with numerous peaks and mountains, some are left without names and proper mapping.

Sagarmatha National park roughly covers 1148 But the trekking region has numerous possible itinerary from easy to most difficult. Plus, trekkers can plan and select any section of Everest, depending upon number of days, budget and difficulty level. Even though Everest Base camp is the top priority of trekker in the region, Gokyo valley equally attracts decent numbers of trekker. Furthermore, these two popular sections can be connected numerous ways. While, Mera peak trekking/ climbing on other isolated part of Everest can be a great choice to skip busy and crowded section of Everest trekking region.

The trekking has forested temperate climatic zone in lower trekking region. Particularly around Lukla, Phakding, Jorsalle. Reaching Namche Bazaar, biggest sub-alpine village of Nepal, the trekking diverges here and there. Some trekker heads east-north for Base camp, some heads further North for Gokyo and some heads west-north to reach Gokyo crossing Renjo-La pass. Literally, Namche Bazaar is the hub of Everest trekking region. From Namche Bazaar, the landscape gradually changes and trekker mostly trek around alpine and snowline climatic zone. Climbing and crossing the ridge of Namche Bazaar, trekker never misses to spot mountains and peaks in horizon for a single day.

Exploring Khumjung, Khunde,Thame, Lungden, Mirlung, trekker can actually see and explore raw culture and tradition of Sherpa people. Trekking/ climbing Mera peak around Hinku valley also displays some raw culture and tradition of Sherpa. Thame Monastery and Tengboche Monastery are the biggest religious architect in the region. However, there are abundance numbers of chortens, manis wall, prayer flags throughout the trekking.

1.Everest Base camp Trekking

Everest base camp trekking tops the list of best treks in Everest trekking region without a doubt. Every trekking enthusiast knows about Everest Base Camp. If we are not wrong, there are decent numbers of trekker right now planning a trek to Everest base camp. Also we are aware some people dropping idea, thinking of unlikely reasons. Directing Difficult/ expensive/ age/ physical fitness etc. Once, as a trekker you gather reliable information, trekking to Everest base camp never becomes a mega-dream. However, without a doubt trekker needs to prepare mentally and remain cautious during the trek.

The trek diverges east-north from Namche Bazaar and trek continues through alpine topography for most of the section. Climbing Thugla ridge, the path follows actual snowline of Everest trekking region. The lively vegetation disappears and most of the time trekker walks through rocky and icy terrain surrounded by numerous peaks in the horizon. From Gorakshep, the landscape becomes more hostile and rockier to Everest base camp. A proud and adventurous moment for trekker in of stepping to Base camp of Everest ends. Next morning climb Kalapatthar, summarize whole Everest landscape from single spot, enjoy close up view of Mount Everest and retrace same path to Lukla.

2.Gokyo Valley Trekking

Not equal to Everest Base camp, but there is also fair number of trekkers who enjoys trekking to one of the beautiful valleys in Everest trekking region, Gokyo Valley. This section of Everest is popular to enjoy the whole Everest landscape from single point Gokyo ri. Gokyo valley trekking is much similar in terms of difficulty, price and adventure comparing to Base camp. The beautiful six lakes in the region is another major highlight of the trekking. More importantly, while trekking to sixth lake trekker can enjoy the surroundings of Mount Cho-Oyu from close range in deep northern side of Everest. So, easily, Gokyo valley trekking grabs the second spot in best treks in Everest trekking region.

From Namche Bazaar, the trekking heads further North to reach Gokyo. The landscape gradually changes from sub-alpine to alpine with open meadows that allow magnificent view of Everest landscape in total.  The other interesting part is instead of trekking through deep valley, trekker climbs and descends numerous small ridges that adds on curiosity of trekker on every climb they make. Mount Cho-Oyu, upfront makes trekking more beautiful. The landscape becomes rockier just before reaching Gokyo Lake. Next morning climb Gokyo ri one of the most beautiful moment in life any trekker can expect. Explore all lakes of Gokyo valley in Northern side and retrace down same path to Lukla.

3. Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Valley Trekking through Cho-La pass

If you do not want to miss both Everest Base camp and Gokyo valley trekking, then there is solution of combining both trekking through Cho-La pass. However, this trekking is slightly demanding especially to amateur trekkers. But for general trekker it is one of the best kinds of itinerary anybody can expect. First enjoy the Everest landscape from Gokyo ri, second achieve the moment of conquering Everest Base camp and capture Mount Everest from the nearest range in single itinerary. One of the best treks in Everest trekking region. This itinerary covers the significant area of Everest trekking region.

Trekker can start trekking clockwise or anti-clockwise. We recommend to start clockwise from Gokyo. Because there is high chance a trekker may skip Cho-La pass and abandon trek to Gokyo when they conquer Base camp and see Mount Everest in first instant. Again, crossing Cho-La pass is the most difficult part of this trekking which needs some mental preparation, desire and courage to attempt this pass. For sure, all the hard work during trekking become insignificant once trekker completes the trek. Such a beautiful itinerary.

4. Everest Three High passes Trekking

Wanting more adventure in Everest region of Nepal, this is the absolute itinerary you are searching for. Beside adventure, this is the longest trekking itinerary in Everest trekking region that covers around 75% of whole Everest trekking region. Three high passes Renjo-La, Cho-La, Kongma-La, Bhot valley, Gokyo valley, Everest Base camp in a single trekking itinerary. Amazing. This itinerary would have been easily number one in the list of best treks in Everest trekking region, but this trekking is not suitable for many trekkers because of lengthy trekking itinerary. Plus, Everest three high passes trekking needs some real trekking experiences in Himalayas and can be difficult for general trekkers.

Again, trekker can start clockwise or anti-clockwise. Only, the important part is we don’t want trekker to abandon Cho-La pass and Renjo-La pass after conquering Everest Base camp. The three high passes trekking also takes trekker to some really isolated and remote area of Everest trekking region around Bhot valley. Where, in actual sense trekker can experience and see real Sherpa culture and tradition. Trekking most of the days in snowline and high altitude really tests the physical and mental strength of any trekker.

5. Mera Peak Climbing / Trekking in Hinku Valley

More than trekking, it is a climbing itinerary to Mera peak. But for sure, this peculiar and isolated region in Everest deserves a 5th spot in list of best treks in Everest trekking region. Instead of following regular trekking itinerary, the trekking branches to west side from Lukla and heads further north to Hinku valley. The region is less crowded and only few trekker shows real interest in region. But this trekking is not less beautiful from any point. Even though, the target is climbing Mera peak, trekker can simply enjoy the trekking part as well. Importantly, Mera peak is not a difficult and technical peak and a few general skills should be enough to conquer this peak.

There is also few debate, should a trekker start trekking / climbing crossing Zatrwa-La pass or take another route. We recommend another itinerary through Paiyon, Chalem Kharka for proper acclimatization. As well, there are no itinerary that joins or branches off in this region. Skip a busy route of Everest and take full advantage of trekking in quiet and remote section of Everest. Few contact with outside world means, this can be great experience to see and enjoy the actual Sherpa culture of the Everest trekking. This easily becomes another best treks in Everest trekking region.

Concluding, there are many other possible itineraries in the Everest trekking region. Adding, reducing few days in regular itinerary is always possible. However, compromising the delicacy of trekking region by making itinerary unnaturally short is not great idea. Peak climbing, adding extra 2-3 days in regular trekking itinerary can be other option. More important, trekker needs to pay extra attention while selecting the itinerary. Especially, number of days play vital role to acclimatize properly, which can make a trek successful or unsuccessful despite you are experienced trekker or amateur trekker.